• Grilled Romaine Lettuce


    3 to 4 romaine hearts

    3 Tbsp olive oil

    1 Tbsp fresh lime juice

    2 teaspoons chopped fresh herbs such as rosemary, thyme, oregano (or 1 teaspoon dried mixed herbs)

    1/4 teaspoon salt


    1. Prepare the romaine hearts by trimming old leaves, removing 1-2” (3-5 cm) of the lettuce head, and shaving off the browned part of the root end. Leave root intact so the lettuce stays together.
    2. Turn grill on high.
    3. Prepare the vinaigrette by combining all other ingredients and whisking in a small bowl.
    4. Brush vinaigrette over lettuce
    5. Grill romaine hearts until lightly browned on all sides
    6. Serve immediately either whole, or chop them and toss them for a salad.

    From SimplyRecipes.com