• Healthy Tips

  • Smoking Cessation Resources

    Here you’ll find some wonderful resources that will help you quit smoking for good! As promised in our TV broadcast, right from this article you can download these powerful tools. Please share! 1) The Fagerstrom Test 2) The “Why I Smoke” Test 3) The “Say...
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  • Use of Water

    Every living cell whether plant or animal requires water. It is is essential for each cell’s metabolism and function.However, water is lost continuously through the lungs, the gut, the kidneys, and the skin. Just to replace this fluid loss and maintain equilibrium, eight glasses of...
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  • Sleep Tips

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    Did you sleep well last night? Consider trying some of those tips that Dr. Bakker gave us on a previous show: Get up at the same time every day and go to bed early enough to match it! Avoid alcohol, caffeine, heavy spicy food, TV...
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